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Located in the heart of East Rock (New Haven, CT) we are a full-service Salon and Barbers.

But first and foremost we are a business of creativity; our ideas, visions and dreams will always be the lifeline of our company. We are artist that work with hair and thrive on connecting with others by doing so. It is our hope to create a most comfortable and authentic experience each time you visit by providing superior hospitality and attention to your needs.

We welcome all who wish to enjoy our space and company with open arms. Thank you for stopping by to learn more about us and we look forward to meeting you.


☠️ Meet the crew ☠️


☠️  Jason | Owner/Barber/Stylist ☠️
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Hello! I'm Jason, I am as passionate as they come in this industry and take my craft very seriously. I continuously educate myself and staff with the latest trends, techniques and products available so that we can deliver you an awesome experience!

I created Skull & Combs Co. to give our guests and employees a truly unique experience. We are perfectly dysfunctional and love what we do! At our shop it’s all about having fun while providing expert hair services.


☠️  Veronica | Barber/Stylist ☠️

Hi, I’m Veronica! I’ve been a licensed professional in this industry for 4 years and my goal is always to be as well rounded as I can possibly be. From balayage-ing/blonding to bald fades to vivid colors, I try to keep learning in as many directions as I can. I am a detail oriented stylist and barber; I never take any short cuts. I always reinvest in my career; attending classes, conventions, and always trying to better myself in order to give my clients modern and up to date looks.


☠️  TyLer | Barber ☠️

I started at Skull and Combs about a week after Jason opened the salon and couldn’t have made a better choice. As a New Haven resident, I take pride in the fact we have created a place in the city to come in, relax and enjoy your hair experience. For all your barber needs, from skin fades to long trims, book with me! -Tyler


☠️  Christie | Barber/Stylist ☠️

Hello , I’m Christie ! I am 17 years a stylist this year! I bring much more than experience in haircutting and coloring though. I am a lover of people and building new friendships, I will be your part-time shrink lol.

Specializing in women’s hair, I am a passionate colorist and have a detail oriented approach when it comes to cutting and Color... Being classically trained, traditional men’s cutting and grooming is my definitely my style with the guys....


☠️  Jemma | Barber/Stylist ☠️

Hi I'm Jemma! Growing up I always knew I wanted a creative career. After hopping from job to job never finding the right fit I decided to finally follow my heart and enroll in cosmetology school at 24. I completely fell in love with the industry. Bringing the inner beauty to the outside of everyone is my passion! I am very excited to share my love and ambition for hair styling with you! I look forward to creating your best salon experience! P.S. to my gents; if its a skin-fade you're after I'm not your Gal ;-) classic men's cuts are my vibe however!


☠️  Valentina | Barber/Stylist ☠️

Hi, I’m Valentina! Or sometimes Phoebe lol (you can ask me why when we meet)! I’ve always known I wanted to do hair growing up. For a while I felt pressure to go to college from my parents but even then I still stuck with art based classes that would satisfy the urge to create something.

When I convinced my parents that I was going to be an artist, their perception of cosmetology changed and I quickly enrolled in beauty school! It felt like a breath of fresh air and I knew immediately it was right for me.

What I love most is the way people leave feeling so excited about themselves. Sometimes the power of change is underestimated. A freshened haircut or color has the ability to empower and inspire someone. I take my role in that process very serious ;-)


☠️  Suzie | Salon Coordinator / Assistant ☠️

Hi, I’m Suzie! Since getting my cosmetology license in NYC in 2006, I knew this was the industry I wanted to be in. I've worked in several salons across New York State as an assistant/stylist for the past 10 years, but never found a place I wanted to settle into. Moving to New Haven two years ago, I found the same issues of not finding where I wanted to be.

Walking into Skull and Combs was a dream for me. Everyone I work with is passionate and talented at what they do. It's super inspiring to be around my Skull and Combs family because I learn something new every day. As salon coordinator/assistant I am to make sure everyone who walks through our door feels like I did for the first time, like family.


☠️  Ari | Assistant ☠️

Hi,Hi! My name is Ari, I’ve always wanted a career that helps others feel beautiful and has creative freedom. I currently attend Paul Mitchell North Haven. My passion is doing hair and being able to transform someone into their best self. I'm excited to see what the future brings me in my hair journey.

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